Caldwell Housing Corporation

Green Acres Water & Sewer District #1 is the servicing company for Green Acres and Country Estates Subdivisions located in North DeRidder. The servicing area is located in both Beauregard and Vernon parishes serving a population of approximately 2,000 or 20% of the City of DeRidder's population.

Our water quality is checked monthly by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. The wastewater effluent is monitored by an independent laboratory two times a month with the testing results reviewed by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and E.P.A. Our rates are regulated and set by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Green Acres Water & Sewer District #1 received "Outstanding Wastewater System Of The Year - Basic Treatment" in 1994 and "Outstanding Water System Of The Year" in 1995; these awards were presented by the Louisiana Rural Water Association for municipalities and systems serving less than a population of 10,000.

We Do Not Add Floride To Our Water!

Caldwell Housing Corporation
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